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23 March 2013 @ 07:25 pm
It's been a bit..  
I just got over a nasty flu that lasted 2 fucking weeks! I am still coughing some and my lungs are bruised badly from ALL of the coughing!!

In other news, a stranger (WELL HE WAS HARDLY A STRANGER ONCE, BUT YEAH I GUESS HE KINDA IS NOW..EH NVM) from my long, sort of sordid past has made his way back to me! It has got to of been since early 2000's?? It was a shock to say the least, now all of these feelings that I thought were long gone are rushing back to the surface?!

What do I do about this?! I have someone, which I have to admit hasn't been AT ALL easy being with, but nonetheless we are together..but this guy..what is about him? What makes him so special? What gives him the right to step back into my life when all was said and done? I feel like I just stepped into a really bad movie cliche' or the fucking twilight zone or something??

A N D why am I feeling like no time has passed since we since parted in our friendship? Why am I falling apart? Why am I questioning my life now as opposed to then?? WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?!

I need someone. I need some advice! But I have no one. So I am alone in..whatever this is that is happening.


Current Mood: confused, shaken,scared